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The McClenny (Clenny, McClenny, McClenney and various other spellings of our name) family is widely disbursed and the purpose of this website is to provide a central, easily available family data storage location for all who are interested in our family.

Family member, Ted McClenny, seeks help from U.S. family members in his effort to discover information about Samuel McClenny, who was first listed in the 1871 Canadian Census at which time he was 40 years old.  His date of birth is thought to be 15 July, 1830 in Ireland.  If you can help, please email webmaster@mcclenny.org and your contact information will be provided to Ted. 

One of the most important accomplishments we have made is the DNA linking of various family branches to determine they are truly related.  Click on DNA Testing and review the very interesting results.  If your family branch is not yet represented in the DNA tests, take action now and discover if you and your family branch are one of the many family branches that have been scientifically proven to be genetically related. The Clenney branches currently listed will continue to be supported pending DNA test results.  The most recent DNA test taken by Tyrone Clenney, a descendant in Branch 14, shows that his branch of the family is directly related to other McClenny family branches. 

Those who enjoy the use of this website and/or who benefit from the site, are encouraged to provide some financial assistance, as the hosting service expense can be shared...  

If you have family information, pictures you wish to share or if you have corrections to offer, please e-mail them to:  jacob@mcclenny.org.  You can also mail them to:  Tony McClenny, 118 Ashwood Street, Bethany Beach, DE 19930-9699.