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Our family website has been operated, managed and funded by Tony McClenny (who is retired) since its inception in 1996.  The annual website hosting fee, domain name registration fee and other expenses require a financial commitment.  If you feel our family website has value, please help provide financial assistance by mailing a check or money order to:

                             Tony McClenny
                             118 Ashwood Street
                             Bethany Beach, DE 19930

If you have the interest and basic website management skill necessary to operate a website and would be willing to accept the responsibility for our family website in the future, please contact me.  Due to my age and health, we should be looking for someone to continue the website into the next generation. 

The following individuals have contributed financial assistance to our family website.

2014 David McClenny  
2013 Joe  & Cindy McClenny  
2012 Larry M. McClenny  
2010 Larry M. McClenny  
The following provided financial aid in the past:
  Doris McClenny Boiesen  
  Peggy McClenny Brown  
  A. Diane Ives  
  Stephen R. McClenny  
  Carl O. McClenny  

Larry M. McClenny

  Pamela L. Stevenson  

The following individuals have contributed McClenny Family information. If you have assisted and are not listed, please send e-mail to the Webmaster for correction of the omission.  Please provide any information you can about our family!

Gene Barber   Branch 1
Andrew Bergstrom   Branch 13
Dayle Biba   Branch 9
Doris McClenny Boiesen   Branch 3
Cynthia McClenny Bowers   Branch 1
Philip Eric Clenney   Branch 14
Anne McClenny Copeland   Branch 1
Herbert A. Daniel, Jr.   Branch 1
Lisa McClenny Davidson   Branch 5
Jonathan Dixon   Branch 4
Betty McClenny Fox   Branch 5
Kristina McClenny Furey   Branch 1
Larry Ganus
  Branch 5
Lou Ann Eubank Gelber   Branch 7
Lucy Raxter Graber   Branch 2
Velna Griffin   Branch 1
Steven Harrell   Branch 1
A. Diane Ives   Branch 3
Elizabeth Bailey Jacobs   Branch 1
Mary Pat Jones   Branch 15
Kathy Loftin   Branch 1
Anne Peters McClenny   Branch 1
Anthony D. McClenny   Branch 21
Barbara Keist McClenny   Branch 1
Charles Martin Clenney   Branch 5
Ernest Burnell McClenny   Branch 1
Glenn R. McClenny   Branch 22
Helen S. McClenny   Branch 1
Jacob Redmond McClenny   Branch 2
Kerry McClenny   Branch 5
Myron Lee McClenny, Jr.   Branch 3
Myron Lee McClenny, Sr.   Branch 3
Robert McClenny   Branch 5
Robert Lee McClenny   Branch 1
Stephen R. McClenny   Branch 2
William Madison McClenny   Branch 1
Kathleen Michael    
Linda Plevyak   Branch 1
Joan Moody Moore   Branch 10
Samantha Porter   Branch 3
Elsie Richardson   Branch 1
Robert Sholl   Branch 4
Paula M. Smith   Branch 1
Jerry D. Stevens   Branch 17
Pamela L. Stevenson   Branch 3
Ralph A. Summers   Branch 1
Sally McClenny Wade   Branch 1
Brenda McClenney Walker   Branch 10
Martha McClenny Williams   Branch 20
Katherine Lofton Wimer   Branch 1