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This page contains links to photographs  of family members, homes, graves, etc.  Click on the picture you wish to view and it will be displayed.  By loading the pictures this way, you save loading time.  I am trying to organize the pictures by family branch - any help is appreciated.

If you have pictures to add to this collection, please send e-mail to Tony McClenny, the webmaster with your picture(s) attached.

Left click on one of the following links and view the referenced picture.  To download a picture, right click on the picture and download the full-size, photo to your computer.
1891 Family Photo Back row - left to right: JB, Fred, Bert, John, George - Front row - left to right: Bessie, Wm. C., Mary Esther Byram McClenny, and Nelle
1911 Family Reunion in Dunavant, KS (40k) - Front row - 1st from left is Bessie Ada McClenny - 2nd from left is Helen Louise Coulson (2 years old) - Row 2 - man with white hair is W.C. McClenny - Row 3 - 1st from left (showing right side) is Mary Esther Byram McClenny
1951 McClenny Reunion in Texas
1951 McClenny Reunion in Texas
1951 McClenny Reunion in Texas
2004 MacClenny, Florida family returns for celebration.  Front Row:  Bee McClenny Flowers. Row Two:  Eleanor Rae Kelly Flowers, Samuel Clement Catherwood, Christopher Gray Miller.  Row Three:  Reva McClenny, Andrea Faye Flowers Adams, Laura Faye McClenny Miller.  Row Four:  John Carr McClenny, Mary Catherine McClenny Scotten, Dee Wade Haisten, John K. Adams, Sr., Gilbert Shannon Miller, Jr., and Deidre Gray Miller.
2013 The Baker County Press photo of MacClenny Ham Radio operators meeting family member at Dayton, OH ham event.  (Left to right: Clayton Yarbrough, Bernie McClenny, Warren Davis and Ted Wirick. 
W.M. Caldwell McClenny's daughter, Bessie McClenny, is the girl standing in 2nd row from front
Branch 1 Pictures:
Carr Bowers Tombstone
Ernest Burnell McClenny and Anne Elizabeth Peters wedding picture
Ernest Burnell McClenny, Major U.S. Army
James Madison McClenny
James Madison McClenny's tombstone in Sedley, Virginia
James Madison McClenny's plantation property survey in Sedley, Virginia
James Madison McClenny's plantation in Sedley, Virginia tenant house
Marietta McClenny, the wife of James Madison McClenny
Marietta McClenny's (wife of James Madison McClenny tombstone in Sedley, Virginia
Nancy Celecta Reynolds McClenny (1869-1900)
Tony McClenny, webmaster
John Kevin "Trip" McClenny on his farm (Tony's son)
William Wilburn McClenny (1858-1912)
Branch 5 Pictures:
Alice Clee McClenny
Emmaline Givens McClenny
William Claude McClenny, Sr.
William Claude McClenny, Sr. & Jr.
Alfred L. McClenney tombstone
Imogene Jones McClenney, Verge McClenney & Jane McClenney
Bessie McClenny's birthplace in Jefferson County, Kansas
Bessie McClenny at Fairfield School in Dunavant, Kansas
Carrie Ellen McClenny (1867 - unknown)
Daughter of John Hamilton McClenny and Ellen Gettis and Wife of Charles B. Wray
Cecil Henry McClenney, Jr., Teresa Anne "Trish" McClenney Russell and Brenna Nachole Meadows McClenney
Jeffrey Todd McClenney, Trish McClenney Russell & Cecil Henry McClenney, Jr.
Fate McClenny
Left to right:  Jennifer, Frank, Nancy McClenny with Emily (seated on Nancy's lap) - circa 1981
James Alva McClenny
James Alva McClenny's Will - Page 1
James Alva McClenny's Will - Page 2
John Hamilton McClenny
John Hamilton McClenny's wife, Ellen Gettis McClenny (1839-1871)
John Wesley McClenney and his second wife and their children - Left to right:  Charles Johnson McClenney, Lela May McClenney, Lela Belle McClenney and John Wesley McClenney
Oklahoma Land Rush.  John Sherwood is on the white horse.  Elias McClenny is ahead of John.  Fred McClenny is just behind John.
Larry M. McClenny visiting Macclenny, Florida in 2010
Design rumored to be the McClenny Coat of Arms
Design rumored to be the McClenny Coat of Arms
Nannie Virginia McClenny with frizzy hair, Ivan Donald Heath behind Nannie, Rosa Odell Harrell McClenny (older lady in back), Kathrine Irene McClenny Lofton, Luther Lofton, and Marion Louise Heath (small child)
Hugh and Rosa McClenny
Hugh McClenny and family
James Frank McClenny during World War II, Battery B, 205th Coast Artillery Anti-Aircraft
Jincy McClenny
John Wesley McClenney (March 1, 1883 to July 21, 1949)
John Wesley McClenney and his wife, Alphretta Devonshire McClenney and daughter, Bessie LaNora McClenney
Grandchildren of John Wesley McClenney:  Row 1 (far right) Harry W. Hollingsworth.
Row 2 (l to r) Kay Hollingsworth, Wm. David McClenney, and Joan Moody.  Row 3 (l to r)Brenda Sue McClenney, Sandra Hollingsworth, Charles Floyd McClenney, and Helen Moody.
Lonnie McClenny at Buckhorn, Virginia store
Lonnie and Lessie McClenny
Mills McClenny and Emma McClenny
Nannie McClenny at 18 years of age
Nannie McClenny
Nellie McClenny, 1885-1968 daughter of John H. McClenny (left to right:  Nellie Grace, Mary Virginia, Ella Odell, Hugh Riddick
Roger Dale McClenny & Samantha Anne Lester (grand daughter)
Helen Norine McClenny, Christine McClenny Lester & Samantha Anne Lester
Sampson County, NC Deedbook 46 showing Sally Clenny, Sarah Clenny and Sarah Clenney deed
Sampson County, NC Deedbook 32 showing Josiah McClenney and John Henry McCleney deed
Theodore Bernard McClenny
William McClenny's tombstone in Fredericksburg, Virginia
Left to right - Ida Wilson, Carrie Dorblazer (Ida's daughter), William Caldwell McClenny and Carrie's young daughter
William Caldwell McClenny, Postmaster
Front row - Bert, John, William Caldwell McClenny, Mary Esther, George - Back row - Bessie, Fred, Nell, JB and IDA
Left to right:  Frank G. McClenny, Roy William McClenny (back row); Left to right:  Neil L. McClenny and William M. McClenny (front row).
Tombstone of W. T. Copeland