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Friday, Aug. 2, 1996

Woman faces no charges in fatal shooting

By Tom Weaver Correspondent CLINTON

No charges will be filed against a Sampson County woman who fatally shot her estranged husband when he attacked her with a knife, Assistant District Attorney Greg Butler said.

Butler said no charges are warranted against Wendy McClenny because evidence “clearly shows that Mrs. McClenny was feloniously assaulted with a knife in her home by her estranged husband, Billy Joe McClenny.”

The McClennys were legally separated when the dispute happened July 6 at Mrs. McClenny's mobile home near Reynolds Crossroads.

Mr. McClenny went to the home at 1:45 a.m., started an argument and attacked Mrs. McClenny with a knife. Another woman and two small children were also in the home. All evidence shows that the lives of the woman and children as well as that of Mrs. McClenny were threatened by McClenny's actions. It was clearly self-defense, Butler said.

Mrs. McClenny suffered knife wounds on the throat, hands and leg and a broken toe but managed to reach a bedroom and get a handgun. Mr. McClenny was shot four times. The SBI was called into the case because Mrs. McClenny's mother is an employee of the Sampson County Sheriff's Department.