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This is an open plea to the MEMBERSHIP of the Beaches Area Historical Society.

As members of the McClenny family whose names, addresses and phone numbers are listed below, we are united in an effort to regain custody  of a coveted family heirloom quilt that was given without permission to the Beaches Area Historical Society by  Roman Edward McClenny of Jacksonville Beach.  The quilt, hand made by Mrs. C.B. (Kate) McClenny,  was borrowed from its authorized custodian Mary Catherine McClenny Scotten of Richmond, Texas by R.E. McClenny with the understanding the quilt was to be put on temporary display in Tallahassee, Florida.

Instead he gave it to this society without our knowledge or permission.  Requests from members of our family to the Beaches Area Historical Society Board, through correspondence and in person, for the return of the quilt to our family have been denied. Many of the descendants of Kate McClenny have never had the opportunity to see the heirloom quilt.  The Society has offered us the explanation that the quilt is in a box ‘somewhere in storage’.

Therefore,  as members of the McClenny family,  we are appealing to you, the Society’s membership, for the immediate return of our family’s heirloom quilt, known as The Miracle Quilt, to full custody of the McClenny family as was intended by Kate McClenny who entrusted it to our care.

Our family will be receptive to future requests for displaying the quilt  at the Beaches Area Historical Society on special occasions.

We firmly believe that by appealing to your integrity and standards of justice and decency our family’s heirloom quilt will be returned to its legitimate owners.....the McClenny family.

Mary Catherine McClenny Scotton, 2510 Crystal Lake Ct., Richmond, Texas 77469 (281) 633-9222

John Carr McClenny, 5819 Brenda Lane, San Antonio, Texas 78240 (210) 684-1439