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Adjutant General's Department RG 401 Applications for Special Pardons, 1865-1867

The provenance of these records is unknown. In an Executive Proclamation dated May 29, 1865, President Andrew Johnson issued a General Amnesty, which pardoned most ordinary citizens of the former Confederate States of America. Persons excluded from this blanket amnesty included anyone who had held an office under a rebellious state or under the Confederacy (e.g., brigadier general, postmaster, tax collector, etc.); anyone under arrest or bond; anyone whose property had been or was being confiscated; members of Vigilance Committees; anyone who participated in the shooting, hanging, or hunting down of Union men; anyone possessing property belonging to the United States government; anyone desiring to reinstitute slavery, or to renew the rebellion; etc.  Anyone who fell within one or more of the exceptions to the General Amnesty could take an Oath of Amnesty as a preliminary step to his application to the President for Special Pardon.  By the Oath of Amnesty the applicant swore to "henceforth faithfully defend the Constitution of the United States and the Union of the States thereunder," and to "abide by and faithfully support all laws and proclamations which have been made during the existing rebellion, with reference to the emancipation of slaves."

These records are applications for special pardons, and consist of letters and petitions, with envelopes, occasionally accompanied by an oath of amnesty or a certificate of oath of amnesty, dated 1865-1867. The individuals involved were requesting special pardons for alleged disloyalty during the Civil War, referring mainly to either the 1st or the 13th Exception (to the General Amnesty). The letters and petitions were written by the applicants themselves, as well as by persons vouching for the applicants, and were addressed to either Governor A. J. Hamilton (June 1865-June 1866) or Governor J. W. Throckmorton (June 1866-July 1867).  If the Governor recommended a special pardon, the application would then be forwarded to U.S. President Andrew Johnson.  In several cases, the files contained additional letters addressed to President Johnson.  Most files contain the envelope, and in many cases only the envelope, which contains the history of the application, including its recommendation or disposition.  Notations to this effect on the envelope include such comments as "statement sufficient (or insufficient)," "petition defective," "statement sworn to, and applicant vouched for," "no objections," "irregular," "seems all right," "seems free from objection," etc.  Information is often included in the letters concerning the applicant's age, origin, occupation, activities, character, and the like.  Arrangement is alphabetical by the last name of the applicant.

Tony Black April 1993


Acken, William B.
Adams, Philip H.
Adkins, George B.
Ahrenbech, William
Alexander, W. F. S.
Allen, A. H.
see also Jeffries, James
       Allen, S. B.
       Allen, S. L.
       Allen, Samuel W.
       Alston, Philip
       Anders, William
       Anderson, Isaac
       Anderson, James M.
       Anderson, T. M.
              see also Winston, John L.
       Anderson, William G.
       Andrews, A. T.
       Andrews, Henry B.
       Andrews, J. D.
       Andrience, William
       Armstrong, William B.
       Aston, Joseph
       Austin, William T.
              see also Grube, H. J.

       Bacon, C. B.
       Bagby, John A.
       Baggett, Silas
       Baker, William R.
       Baldinger, Andrew
       Baldridge, W. H. H.
       Baldwin, D. J.
       Ballard, Collatinus
       Barnett, John
       Barthold, Charles
       Bass, H.
               see also Wilkes, H.
       Bates, Joseph
       Batte, G. A.
               see also Jeffries, James
       Battle, A. L.
       Beall, William P.
       Beaty, M. H.
       Bell, Edward E.
               see also Patton, John F.
       Bell, M. F.
       Bell, Thomas W.
       Bett, Charles S.
       Bingham, James P.
               see also Wilkes, H.
       Binkley, C. C.
       Bird, Joseph
       Blackshear, Thomas E.
               see also Griffin, William H.
       Blair, James K.
       Blake, B. L.
       Blount, Stephen W.
       Bolts, W. B.
       Bourland, James
               see also Wright, William B.
       Bowen, Solomon
       Bowles, O. P.
       Brady, James L.
       Bragg, Dunbar
               see also Grayson, Thomas B.
       Branch, A. M.
       Breeding, George W.
       Brewer, William
       Briggs, Jacob L.
              see also Yard, Nathan B.
       Bristow, B. W.
       Brooks, J. W.
              see also Wilkes, H.
       Browder, Marion
       Brown, J. H.
       Brown, John
       Brown, Sewall
       Browne, G. W. G.
       Brownson, Theron
       Bryan, Guy M.
       Bryan, Moses Austin
       Bryarly, Rowland T.
       Buckley, C. W.
       Buckley, Chester A.
       Burke, Andrew J.
       Burnett, M. Henry
              see also Wright, William B.
       Burris, James M.
       Buttier, August

       Caldwell, T. A.
       Camp, Ira B.
              see also Griffin, William H.
       Campbell, James
              see also Terry, A. J.
       Campbell, Rufus E.
       Cannon, L.
       Capriano, J. Ignacio
       Carrington, W. H. D.
       Carter, Robert
       Caruth, Walter
       Caruth, William
       Cates, Rufus
       Cavender, O. H. P.
       Cawthon, E. W.
       Cearnal, A. W.
       Chadwick, J. N.
       Chambers, B. J.
       Chandler, F. W. [Y. W.]
       Chandler, W. W.
       Cheek, Philip
               see also Wilson, Thomas D.
       Cherry, Joshua
       Clark, John M.
       Clark, Patterson
       Clarke, Edwin [Edward] N.
       C1arke, John A.
       Clay, Tacitus
       Clement, S. E. (Dr.)
               see also Wright, William B.
       Clement, William H. (Dr.)
       Clement, William H.
       Close, Hiram
       Clute, John R.
       Cochran, Joshua B.
       Cockrum, W. W.
               see Henderson, H. G.
       Coffee, Aaron
               see also Wilkes, H.
       Cohn, Julius
       Cole, Daniel
       Cole, James P.
       Collier, James G.
       Collins, R. M.
               see also Wilkes, H.
       Collins, Thomas P.
       Cox, R. M.
       Crawford, Alexander C.
       Crosby, James F.
              see Toutant, Augustin
       Crume, Philip D.
       Crump, William E.
       Crutchfield, Thomas F.
       Cutler, James H.

     ADJ G-2

       Dailey, T. W.
       Damon, Samuel
       Dancy, John W.
       Darden, J. G.
       Darden, Stephen H.
       Davis, David H.
              see also Wright, William B.
       Davis, George W.
       Davis, William
       Dean, John
       De Cordova, Jacob
       Dennis, J. N.
       Devine, Daniel
       Dickinson, John
       Doom, R. C.
       Dorn, Andrew J.
       Duer, C. F.
       Duffau, Francis T.
       Duggan, T. H.
              see also Henderson, H. G.
       Dumas, J. D.
       Dumas, James P.
       Duncan, John
       Dunlap, William
       Dunlap, William W.
       Durham, George J.
       Durkee, John
       Dyer, Isadore

       Eccles, J. C.
       Echols, John
       Ector, M. D.
       Edmonson, Lewis E.
       Edwards, W. C.
       Ellis, Ira
       Elzer, W. M.
              see Wright, William B.
       Engelke, F. A.
       Evans, John P.
              see also Griffin, William H.
       Ewing, John
       Ewing, William M.

       Fears, Oliver P.
       Felder, Gab[riel]
       Ferguson, David
       Fields, Calvin J.
       Fisher, Orceneth A.
       Fisher, Samuel W.
       Floyd, John B.
       Foley, Washington G. L.
       Ford, John V.
       Fort, J. M.
       Foster, James M.
       Foushee, John H.
       Fowler, John C.
       Fox, Henry S.
       Freeman, A.
       Freeman, William
       Fulcher, Churchill

       Gaines, W. B. P.
       Galbraith, E. D.
              see also Wilkes, H.
       Garwood, Calvin B.
       Gay, J. L.
       George, John E.
       Gibbs, Sandford
              see also Gibbs, Thomas
       Gibbs, Thomas
              see also Gibbs, Sandford
       Gibson, John H.
       Giddings, J. D.
       Gill, William H.
       Glass, William S.
       Glasscock, George W.
       Goode, R. J.
       Gordon, George
       Grace, Byrd M.
       Gray, Peter W.
       Gray, Robert A.
       Grayson, Thomas B.
       Green, Edward H.
       Green, J. L.
       Green, W. A.
              see also Green, Edward H.
       Greer, Elkanah
              see also Harris, John A.
       Greet, W. C.
              see also Griffin, William H.
       Gregory, Thomas C.
       Griffin, Jack
       Griffin, William H.
       Grimes, W. B.
       Groce, Leonard W.
               see also Lewis, Frank J.
       Groesbeck, A.
       Grube, H. J.
       Guinn, James W.

     ADJ G-3

       Hagee, Joel W.
       Haldeman, Horace
       Hall, M. J.
       Hamell, J. B.
       Hamblin, William K.
       Harman, L. G.
       Harral, W.
       Harral, Whitfield
       Harris, John A.
       Harris, L. P.
       Harris, T. A.
       Harrison, Burr A.
       Harrison, Eleanor M.
       Harrison, William M.
       Hartley, R. K.
       Haskell, A. M.
       Hawkins, James B.
       Hays, James
       Heard, Thomas J. (Dr.)
       Heard, William B.
       Heard, William J. E.
       Heffner, William
       Hefley, George W.
       Heinatz, John
       Henderson, H. G.
       Henderson, James W.
       Hendricks, S. B.
       Henry, John A.
       Henry, John R.
       Herndon, John H.
       Higgins, J. C.
       Highsmith, W. A.
       Hill, A. W.
       Hill, George L.
               see also Harris, John A.
       Hill,  John
               see also Thomason, J. A.
       Hill, John C.
       Hill, T. B. J.
       Hill, W. P.
       Hodge, Galen
       Holloway, James G.
       Holt, John T.
       Hood, John W.
       Hooks, Warren
               see also Gill, William H.
       Hopkins, J. E.
       Hopkins, R. M.
       Hord, W. H.
       Hornsby, W. W.
       Horton, Eliza
               see Horton, Robert
       Horton, Robert
       Hughes, Jeremiah E.
       Hughes, Lemuel P.
       Hughes, Reece
       Hughes, William
       Hughes, William P.
       Hughes, William V.
       Huston, E. G.

       Ireland, John
               see also Henderson, H. G.

       Jackson, Alexander M.
       Jackson, F. M.
               see also Wilkes, H.
       Jackson, S. S.
       Jackson, William H.
       James, John
       Jefferson, J. R.
               see Henderson, H. G.
       Jeffries, A.
       Jeffries, J. T.
               see also Jeffries, James
       Jeffries, James
       Jemison, E. S.
       Johns, C. R.
       Johnson, Barney L.
       Johnson, James H.
       Johnson, M. T.
       Johnson, R. D.
       Jones, Churchill
       Jones, Henry N.
               see also Griffin, William H.
       Jones, J. C.
       Jones, John H.
       Jones, Thomas H.
       Jones, William C.
       Jones, William H.
               see also Heard, T. J.
       Jones, William J.
       Joyce, Hardin
               see also Harris, John A.
       Judd, Henry K.

       Kampmann, John H.
       Karner, John
       Kenedy, Mifflin
       Kennady, William
              see also Wilkes, H.
       Kennedy, John
       Kennymore, J. C. P.
       Kerr, William P.
       King, John A.
       King, Richard
       Kirby, Zared E.
               see Nichols, E. B.
       Kirkpatrick, Hugh
       Kleberg, Robert
       Kleiber, Joseph
              see also Maxan, Nestor
       Klyce, William M.
       Knowles, Reuben
       Kuhnel, John
       Kuykendall, Joseph

     ADJ G-4

       Landus, William
       Lane, Walter P.
       Lathrop, A. S.
              see also Wilkes, H.
       Latimer, A. H.
       Ledbetter, Hamilton
       Leeper, M.
       Leigh, W. B.
              see Toutant, Augustin
       Lewis, David
       Lewis, Frank J.
              see also Groce, Leonard W.
       Lewis, John M.
       Lewis, Samuel K.
       Lockhart, W. A.
       Logan, John D.
               see also Maclin, Sackfield
       Long, Medicus A.
       Lubbock, John B.
       Lubbock, William M.
       Lufkin, A. P.

McAlpine, Dugal[d]
              see also Griffin, William H.
       McCall, J. L. L.
       McCampbell, John S.
       McClanahan, John M.
       McClenny, S. G.
       McClung, Josiah M.
       McCraven, _____ (Dr.)
       McCulloch, Henry E.
              see also Henderson, H. G.
       McDow, Alexander
       McGowen, A.
       McGrew, John
              see also Terry, A. J.
       McIntosh, William
       McLeary, Samuel D.
       McLeod, James
       McMahan, W. W.
       McMorris, H. W.
       McNeil, John G.
       Maclin, Sackfield
       Manton, Edward
       Marchbanks, George F.
       Marsh, Shubael
       Martin, James H.
       Martin, William P.
       Massie, J. C.
       Masterson, James
       Maxan, Nestor
       Mays, L. M.
       Menger, W. A.
       Meredith, Joseph B.
       Merrill, Nelson
       Meyer, A.
       Milburn, W.
       Miller, John T.
       Miller, William B.

       Millican, C. C.
               see also Wilkes, H.
       Mills, David G.
       Mills, Robert
       Mims, A.
               see also Wilkes, H.
       Minter, Joseph F.
       Moody, James H.
       Moore, A. W.
       Moore, James C.
       Moore, John M.
       Moore, N. J.
       Moore, Thomas
       Morris, A. T.
       Morris, W. H.
       Moseley, James W.
               see also Wright, William B.
       Moseley, Sam F.
       Mosely, T. D.
       Motley, R. H.
       Mound, W. L.
       Murphy, James M.
       Murphy, John C.
       Murray, W. T.
       Myers, David V.

       Nance, Ezekiel
       Nash, G. E.
       Nelson, Thomas C.
       Newell, J. G.
       Newell, John D.
              see also Herndon, John H.
       Newton, E .W.
       Newton, James
              see also Heard, T. J.
       Ney, Joseph
       Nichols, E. B.
       Nichols, Josiah
       North, J. R.
       Nunneley, W. L.

       Oatman, John
       Oldham, William
       Osterman, Rosanna
       Overton, J. D.
              see also Jeffries, James

       Palmer, Daniel M.
       Palmer, George W.
               see also Maclin, Sackfield
       Parramore, W. W.
       Patten, George W.
       Patten, John F.
       Patton, Moses L.
       Patton, Robert J.
               see also Wright, William B.
       Payne, William M.
       Pearce, N. B.
       Peareson, E. A.
       Peareson, P. E.
       Perry, William
       Perryman, L. J.
               see also Henderson, H. G.
       Pfeuffer, George
       Philips, William J.
       Pijuese, George W.
       Pinchback, John
       Pinney, Henry
       Pitts,  W. A.
       Pool, Sanford V.
       Pool, Valentine B.
       Pope, John H.
       Powell, Adrian
       Power, Charles
       Pruitt, Ira

     ADJ G-5

       Randal, Dudley
       Randolph, H.
              see also Thomason, J. A.
       Randolph, W. H.
       Randon, David
       Raymond, James H.
       Reagan, John H.
       Reaves, Stephen
       Rector, Nelson L.
       Reed, Erastus
       Reilley, B.
       Reily, Richard
       Rhodius, Christopher
       Richardson, W.
       Rippetoe, A. H.
       Roberts, Judge
       Roberts, Oba
       Robertson, E. S. C.
       Robertson, H. C.
       Robertson, J. B.
       Rogers, M. C.
       Rohde, H. D.
       Rooke, Thomas
       Rose, H. R. T.
       Ross, L. S.
       Ross, Nathan
              see also Wright, William B.
       Routt, J. W.
       Rowe, Shadrack
       Rowntree, J. L.
       Rowton, E. S.
       Rugeley, John
       Runge, Henry
       Runge, Herne H.
              see also Runge, Henry
       Rushing, J. C.
       Russell, D. C.
       Russell, James W.
       Russell, T. S.
       Rust, Edwin
       Ryan, M. K.
       Ryon, William

       Sabin, C. B.
              see also Trube, Henry J.
       Sampson, Henry
              see also Whitfield, J.W.
       Sanders, L. A.
              see also Henderson, H. G.
       Sandridge, A. J.
              see also Harris, John A.
       Saul, Charles
       Scott, Sam T.
       Scott, Sarah
       Sergeant, W. M.
       Sexton, F. B.
       Seymour, Sidney
       Shanklin, Gordon W.
       Shaw, P. V.
       Sledge, William M.
       Shepherd, James M.
       Simonton, James
       Smith, George A.
              see also Wilkes, H.
       Smith, Harvey
       Smith, J. Carroll
       Smith, Junius W.
       Smith, Q. W.
       Smith, Thomas M.
       Smith, William D.
       Smith, William R.
       Smyth, Andrew F.
       Sneed, Dick
       SoRelle, W. J.
       Sorley, James
       Speaks, John
       Spencer, Joel
               see also Terry, A. J.
       Spivey, Temple
       Spurgin, Nicholas
       Stapp, Darwin M.
       Stapp, Sinclair
       Starr, James H.
       Steele, Moses E.
       Steele, William
       Steiner, J. M.
       Stephens, A. G.
       Stevens, A. G.
               see also Stephens, A. G.
       Stevens, David T.
       Stewart, Charles B.
       Stewart, Thomas D.
       Stockdale, Fletcher S.
       Stratton, Asa E.
       Stubblefield, John J.
       Sullivan, J. S.
       Sutherland, Walter S.
       Sutherland, William
       Swain, W. F.
       Swan, Orange
       Swanson, W. C.
       Sweatt, Quincy A.
       Sweeney, Thomas J.
               see also Terry, A. J.
       Sweeny, John
               see also Wilkes, H.
       Swisher, John M.

     ADJ G-6

       Tabor, John W.
       Talbot, Matt, Jr.
       Tankersley, James H.
              see also Wilkes, H.
       Tannehill, Pleasant T.
       Taylor, C. H.
       Taylor, F. M.
       Taylor, H. D.
       Taylor, Ward
       Teagarden, O.
       Templeton, Thomas W.
       Terry, A. J.
       Thatcher, John
       Thaxton, William
       Thomas, R. J.
       Thomason, J. A.
       Thompson, E. J. C.
       Thorp, J. L.
              see also Wilkes, H.
       Todd, J. D.
       Torrans, William P.
       Toutant, Augustin
       Trigg, M. W.
       Trube, Henry J.
       Turner, J. A. S.
       Turner, T. M.
       Tyler, Charles M.

       Upson, C.

       Van Alstyne, William A.
       Vance, James
              see also Vance, William H.
       Vance, William
              see also Vance, William H.
       Vance, William H.
       Voigt, Frederick

       Waller, Edwin
       Walsh, William C.
       Walton, Park M.
       Wangemann, Ernst
       Ward, W. R. D.
       Warren, W. G.
       Washington, Thomas P.
       Waters, J. D.
       Watkins, J. C.
       Waul, Thomas N.
       Waybourn, W. T.
       Weatherred, Francis M.
       Webb, William G.
       Wedeskind, John F. W.
       Werner, Joseph
       West, John C.
       Westall, A. E.
       Whitaker, Willis, Sr.
       White, George
       White, George W.
       White, Thomas A.
       Whitfield, J. W.
       Wiedenfeld, Theodore
       Wiggins, W. H.
       Wilkes, H.
       Williams, George
                see also Wilkes, H.
       Williams, J. H.
               see also Williams, W. H.
       Williams, John A.
       Williams, John H.
       Williams, L. L.
       Williams, R. H.
       Williams, Sim M.
       Williams, Thomas G.
       Williams, W. H.
       Wilson, Moses G.
       Wilson, Thomas D.
       Wilson, William C.
       Wilson, William S.
       Wimbish, James A. (Dr.)
       Winn, John A.
       Winston, John L.
       Winston, T. W.
       Witt, W. H.
       Wofford, R. B.
       Womack, Jesse
       Wood, Augustus H.
       Wood, William D.
       Wortham, William
       Wright, G. W.
               see also Wright, William B.
       Wright, M. H.
       Wright, Travis G.
               see also Wright, William B.
       Wright, William B.

       Yarborough, George
       Yard, Nathan B.
              see also Briggs, Jacob L.
       Young, F. L.
       Young, J. M.
              see also Henderson, H. G.